Podcast Stardust #246: Rogue One, Part 4 – Jyn and Saw

by Podcast Stardust

Our Rogue One series continues as Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus join Cassian and Jyn’s cause on Jedha just as Jyn delivers a message to Saw Gerrera.

When Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO attempt to escape Jedha, they run right into a squad of Imperial stormtroopers. However, Chirrut Îmwe arrives and advises the stormtroopers to let them go in peace. When they fail to do so, Chirrut, backed by his friend Baze Malbus, springs into action. From there, the Rebels are taken to Saw Gerrera as the Empire prepares to test the Death Star by firing its primary weapon on the Holy City. We discuss all of this in the most recent episode in our year-long series examining Rogue One.

Clair Henry from Fantha Tracks and Planet Leia joins us for the latest entry into our Rogue One series.

On this fully armed and operational episode of the podcast, we discuss:

  • K-2SO’s inability to ad lib and think on his feet when confronted by stormtroopers,
  • Chirrut Îmwe’s arrival, his blindness, and his fight with the Imperials,
  • Why and how Baze Malbus became disillusioned,
  • The details of Saw Gerrera’s headquarters,
  • Chirrut and Baze’s disagreement about the Force,
  • Why Chirrut thinks Cassian Andor takes his prison with him wherever he goes,
  • Saw Gerrera and Jyn Erso confronting each other for the first time in years, and
  • Grand Moff Tarkin and Director Krennic preparing to test fire the Death Star.

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