Podcast Stardust #242: Rebels – The Call – 0215

by Podcast Stardust

Ezra uses his ability to make connections through the Force with a wandering pod of space whales known as the purrgil as the Rebels attempt to capture fuel from the Empire.

When the Rebels go looking for an Imperial fuel refinery, things don’t go as planned. Things seemingly get worse when they are low on power and they encounter a pod of space whales known as the purrgil. However, the purrgil prove to be allies when the attempt to secure fuel from the Imperial refinery goes from bad to worse. Ezra makes another connection through the Force and Hera learns how to see an old nuisance as a potential source of wonder on this episode of Rebels.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • Why we like the purrgils,
  • Also, why Hera doesn’t like the purrgils and what that says about her,
  • Ezra’s ability to make connections with creatures in Star Wars,
  • The modified TIE fighters that appeared in this episode,
  • How this episode was influenced by Ralph McQuarrie’s work,
  • How this episode then influenced later The Clone Wars content, and
  • What this episode says about the history of hyperspace.

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