Podcast Stardust #225: The High Republic #1-2

by Podcast Stardust

Meet Keeve Trennis, Padawan to Jedi Master Sskeer. On the verge becoming a Jedi Knight, she must protect a village from an invading insect swarm.

A Star Wars series from Marvel and written by Cavan Scott has found its way to comic book store shelves. Set in the time of The High Republic, join Jedi Padawan Keeve Trennis as she works to complete her Jedi Trials and become a Jedi Knight. Her master, the Trandoshan Sskeer, is nearby and has something special in store for his apprentice. Later, Keeve, Sskeer, and a few other Jedi must investigate an attack on a freighter, and the evidence points to involvement by the Nihil. However, when they get to the planet Sedri, they find yet another mystery.

On this fully armed and operational podcast, we discuss:

  • The character of Keeve Trennis,
  • How Keeve averts disaster while trying to complete her Jedi Trials,
  • The Ximpi and their earlier appearances,
  • Avar Kriss and her appointment to Marshall of Starlight Beacon,
  • The investigation into the Hutt’s grain trading,
  • The tragedy found in the frontier, and
  • What is causing the trouble on Sedri.

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