Podcast Stardust #159: Thrawn Ascendancy – Chaos Rising

by Podcast Stardust

Thrawn is back in a new novel from Timothy Zahn outlining the Grand Admirals origins and how the Chiss Ascendancy is arranged.

Since his introduction in the Heir to the Empire trilogy, Thrawn has been a Star Wars fan favorite villain. Thrawn returned to Star Wars canon when Dave Filoni introduced him to Star Wars: Rebels. Timothy Zahn then wrote a trilogy of novels featuring the blue-skinned Grand Admiral of the Empire that explained how he came to the Empire and detailed his career up until Rebels. Now, Thrawn’s origins with the Chiss Ascendancy are explored in a new trilogy that starts with Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising.

On this fully armed and operational podcast, we discuss:

    • Whether Chaos Rising works as a Star Wars novel,
    • The organization of the Chiss Ascendancy,
    • The structure of the Sith families,
    • Skywalkers and their roles in Chiss society,
    • How Thrawn failed to understand politics,
    • Whether Thrawn’s abilities to analyze art to discern tactics actually works,
    • Thrawn’s rivalry with Yiv the Benevolent of the Nikardun,
    • The cameo of a major Star Wars character,
    • How Thrawn’s own family fears his potential to bring down the Ascendancy, and
    • The general plot of the book.

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