Photographic Plastic: SH Figuarts Kylo Ren

by Bill Drewnowski

This SH Figuarts Kylo Ren figure is ready to finish the collection that you started.

As you know by now, I am fully on board the SH Figuarts bandwagon.  Released in December along with the First Order Stormtrooper is Kylo Ren.  While not quite as perfect as the trooper, the SH Figuarts Kylo Ren is still an excellent figure.  The sculpting of the helmet, the robes, and the lightsaber is detailed and striking. For an example of this attention to detail, scroll to the bottom photo and just look at those gloves and lightsaber handle; then compare them to the same details on Black Series version (what many consider to be an excellent figure) and you’ll get the idea.

Posing, especially the legs when in dramatic squatting or kicking position, is where things can get a little tricky.  You can get the SH Figuarts Kylo Ren into most poses, but the problem is that the soft rubber of the skirt tends to stick out right along with the legs, making it a bit unnatural looking.  I personally prefer flexible rubber capes and robes over fabric, so I’m content to work around the limitations, but collectors with an affinity for soft goods will likely be happy with the Black Series Kylo over the SH Figuarts Kylo Ren.  Or you can do what some have done and buy both, using the Black Series robe on the Figuarts Kylo.  For me it’s the detailed sculpting that’s achieved with the rubber that gives it a much more accurate look than the Hasbro. (A few days ago I heard someone describe the Black Series robe as made from “mesh athletic shorts” and now that’s all I see.) But I do understand the appeal of having a more natural drape to the material. One other place that is a bit odd is the hood. I’ve heard it described as too large, but looking at some promotional images, Kylo’s hood is rather large. The problem I have with it is that it’s too round and billowy.  But I guess at this scale and price there are bound to be some trade-offs with the SH Figuarts Kylo Ren. If you want the complete package you’ll have to jump to the next level and spring for the 12-inch Hot Toys version.

In other six-inch Star Wars news, the SH Figuarts Mace Windu preorders should be going up some time this week. I’ll be keeping my eye on HobbyLink Japan and will post it to Twitter as soon as I see it up. And I placed my preorder for Black Series Ahsoka Tano recently, so look forward to that hotly-anticipated figure hitting shelves in the coming weeks as well.

Enjoy the photos, and don’t forget to look me up @LostStarWars on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Photographic Plastic, Kylo Ren, action figure photography

Photographic Plastic, Kylo Ren, action figure photography

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