Photographic Plastic: SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper

by Bill Drewnowski

What could improve the already-awesome photography of Bill Drewnowski? SPACE WALLS!

As amazing as The Force Awakens‘ costume designs are, I’ve actually been quite indifferent about the new look of the new stormtrooper.  Maybe it was Kylo Ren’s brutal mask and furious saber or Captain Phasma’s upgraded chrome version of the trooper look that were distracting me, but the new stormtrooper just didn’t stand out.  That is until I got my hands on the SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper.

This is a sharply detailed figure with versatile articulation that makes the Black Series trooper feel like it was made by Kenner.  The SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper armor has a reflective shine, and the blaster is so finely detailed that it too has articulation.  Now that I have seen the film and gotten my hands on this figure, my hype for this design is fully awakened.  In fact, I kind of wish I had bought a few more to build a little army, but right now the SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper is sold out on most sites and the resale prices are creeping up.  So if you are at all interested in this and happen to come across it for under $45 or so, grab it without hesitation.

Additionally, you may notice my new background: the “Space Walls” diorama set by Galactic Trading Post.  This kit might seem expensive for $100 but these walls are beautiful and sturdy, and they scale perfectly with six inch figures like Black Series, SH Figuarts, Revoltech, and Mafex.  The set comes with nine wall sections, so if the price is too steep, it’s something you could reasonably split with someone else–these three photos were shot against just four sections of wall.  RoboKillah’s Fwoosh review of the Space Walls not only convinced me to get them, but also helped me figure out how best to set them up, shiny black floor and all, so go check that review out when you get a chance.

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think at LostStarWars on TwitterInstagram, and Reddit.

SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper , space walls

SH Figuarts First Order Stormtooper , Space Walls

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