Photographic Plastic: Prototype Boba Fett

by Bill Drewnowski

Bill shoots one of the coolest exclusive figures in recent memory–Black Series Prototype Boba Fett!

Following SDCC 2014, these Walgreens-exclusive Prototype Boba Fett figures were in high demand and hard to find, with an extremely small pre-order and little distribution. Many people were scouring stores looking for it for months and months, due to shipping snafus with the pre-order and shipping delays to the stores. Despite the frustrations, it brought a lot of people back to the joys of “the hunt” for figures.

Bill writes:

Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series Prototype Boba Fett is the figure that got me hooked on Walgreens, since this was the action figure that had me popping in on a near-­daily basis. (Steven Anne has done a heck of a job reinventing the Walgreens toy aisle, where you’ll find plenty of plenty of Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones and other exclusives including the upcoming Darth Vader Emperor’s Wrath figure.) This Prototype Boba Fett is a repaint of The Black Series Boba Fett figure, but I still like it and it photographs really well. My biggest gripe is the fact that Hasbro didn’t fill in the dents and weathering; if you look at the original concept design, you’ll see that it was a much smoother texture.

Prototype Boba Fett

Thanks for checking out my own photos. Let me know what you think. You can find me @LostStarWars on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

About Photographic Plastic

Bill Drewnowski has an eye for a good photo. Whether it’s the color, or the lighting, or the framing, or the pose, or the figure itself, I cannot say–but when Bill take a photo of the action figures, they seem to come to life. Have a look at Bill’s compositions here, and read into his ideas about the shoot as well as the figure. You’ll find the photographer has some strong opinions about his muse, and it’s hard to argue against them.

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