Photographic Plastic: Jedi Luke and Shadow Vader

by Bill Drewnowski

Bill recounts shooting one of his most dramatic images yet!

Inspired by the Dagobah cave scene in The Empire Strikes Back, this is one of my favorite photos conceptually. The Black Series Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight also used to be one of my favorite figures, but after seeing RoboKillah’s Fwoosh review of the SH Figuarts version (and comparison), I may be replacing it.  (In fact I may be replacing a lot of Black Series with Figuarts.)  This Vader is the 1:12 model kit by Bandai.  If you haven’t assembled one of these, you should.  It’s kind of a cross between Lego and classic model building.  But the 1:12 kit series will likely become harder to find in the U.S., so seek them now.  I’m currently trying to carve out some time to complete the R2/R5 kit and the C-3PO kit.

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Luke and Shadow Vader

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