Photographic Plastic: Han Solo and Stormtrooper

by Bill Drewnowski

A gutsy Black Series stormtrooper squares off against the galaxy’s scruffiest smuggler!

The stormtooper may have the draw, but I’m still betting on Han.  I love this photo.  It captures the action of Star Wars and highlights the awesome detail that some of these Black Series figures have.  Han’s boots are shiny, his leather belt is weathered, his pants are wrinkly. It really feels like he’s about to draw that blaster.  I’ve said this before, but the fact that this figure was a “peg-warmer” still baffles me.

The Black Series Stormtrooper is another good figure with great articulation and probably the best helmet of all the stormtroopers in this scale; in my opinion even better than the Figuarts, Mafex, or Revoltech head sculpts. My biggest complaint about the Black Series stormtrooper is that the white is dull. I would have much preferred shiny armor on this figure. (Scroll to the bottom for an alternately focused version of this image.)

Black Series stormtrooper

Black Series stormtrooper

About Photographic Plastic

Bill Drewnowski has an eye for a good photo. Whether it’s the color, or the lighting, or the framing, or the pose, or the figure itself, I cannot say–but when Bill take a photo of the action figures, they seem to come to life. Have a look at Bill’s compositions here, and read into his ideas about the shoot as well as the figure. You’ll find the photographer has some strong opinions about his muse, and it’s hard to argue against them.

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