On Our Way to Solo: RetroZap Artist Series Mashups

by James Volpe

James Volpe has more movie and music cover mashups from Solo: A Star Wars Story in this edition of the RetroZap Artist Series.

The hype for Solo: A Star Wars Story has me very excited. The reviews are in but I for one am avoiding all of them. I want to be surprised and form my own opinions after seeing the movie. Riding the hype of the film I asked for creative inspiration on the RetroZap board for this installment and I got some great suggestions. After many discussions, I chose to do two mashup covers, a CD cover and a movie poster.

Very Metal Mashup

The first trailer starts off with metal sounding music, very different from the music heard in a standard Star Wars trailer. I decided to go with the theme of rock band The Sword, a heavy metal band from Austin, Texas. I was introduced to them by Joe Tavano of RetroZap and have been listening to them for about a week now. One of the great things about this band is the awesome album cover art they have. Their sci-fi fantasy themes and art fit well with Star Wars so I decided to do a take on the cover of their album Apocryphon.

I kept the basic space background but swapped out the woman with Qi’ra and the background with the Millennium Falcon. Then I added fire because it’s cool and well it’s very metal.

Gone in 12 Parsecs

The other aspects of the footage from Solo seen so far are a lot of action and many heist film themes and imagery. It was suggested by Darth Taxus of Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels to use Gone in 60 Sec as the basis for my second cover since Solo looks like it will be filled with action.

So I swapped out the characters with Solo characters Han and Qi’ra for the ultimate heist film.

I hope you enjoy these covers. I cannot wait to sit in the theater and see Solo. I have a good felling about this.

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