No Escape: Part One – Star Wars Resistance S1E20

by Eric Onkenhout

The First Order’s grip tightens around the Colossus, while Kaz attempts to save his friends he also discovers a dark secret.

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance S1E20, “No Escape: Part One.”

This week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance, which was directed by Steward Lee and written by Brandon Auman is part one of a two-part episode entitled “No Escape.” In this episode, the Colossus is still submerged underwater, while the First Order tries to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, in the sublevels of the station, Kaz, CB-23, Neeku, Kel, and Eila devise a plan to rescue Tam and Yeager from the First Order. Once they free their friends, they will steal a shuttle and fly to Hosnian Prime, Kaz’s home planet. “No Escape” Part One, races towards the Season One finale, however, Kaz discovers Hosnian Prime may have no escape.

The opening scene starts with tension in the music, setting the mood. A confrontation between Captain Doza and Commander Pyre erupts when Doza learns about Yeager’s incarceration. Pyre reminds Doza that he voluntarily requested the presence of the First Order on board the Colossus. This constant reminder has to be a thorn in Doza’s side, for every time Doza has a complaint, Pyre is more than happy to remind him of why the First Order is there. Doza has been blackmailed, and he knows it. He has no one to blame but himself for the situation he finds himself in. Doza’s threat to notify the New Republic Senate rings hollow. If he were serious, Doza would’ve called them before any of this started.

At Doza’s command, his security droid, 4D-M1N springs into action. In a way similar to K-2SO, she takes out three stormtroopers before Pyre finally takes her down, and has Doza arrested. Pyre’s typically calm, patronizing tone is taking on a more sinister growl. The charade is over. The First Order has in its custody every member of Team Fireball, with exception to Tam, who is still being interrogated by Agent Tierney.

Blowfish One

Last week saw the introduction of Agent Tierney of the First Order Security Bureau. The First Order Security Bureau was first mentioned in the Poe Dameron comic books series, with Agent Terex, who was tasked with capturing Poe Dameron. As events fold out, it’s becoming more and more apparent how tied together the different media are at this point in the timeline. Both the Poe Dameron comic and Star Wars Resistance happen just before the events of The Force Awakens (Poe Dameron overlaps into The Last Jedi). Poe Dameron makes an appearance in both media, which goes to show not only is his character getting more attention, but the First Order knows he’s a threat to them.

Star Wars Resistance "No Escape" Part One.

Tierney continues to prey on Tam’s emotions and injects doubt in her friends. It’s probable Tam has had a hard time trusting people judging by her defensive nature, and from that hasn’t received the nurturing most young people need. The way Tierney is treating her is all new to Tam. Tierney shows compassion and kindness. Meanwhile, Tam is eating it all up along with the delicious food she’s been given at the Ace’s lounge. It’s very much the spider and the fly.

One segment of “No Escape” that didn’t seem consistent with last week’s episode is how Neeku can’t figure out how to open and close the hatches. Last week he and Yeager seemed familiar with the controls that submerge the Colossus. Perhaps it’s not something Neeku does very often, so maybe that’s why he got confused. However, Neeku typically comes off as the tech guy on the station. Nevertheless, it’s a funny scene with a combination of laughs and tension—Neeku’s specialty.

Once again, the animation is astonishingly good. There is such a smooth flow to the characters movement that makes it all look incredibly natural, but at the same time retains its animated quality. Adding to the visuals, the sound of CB-23’s underwater motor is a call-back to the sound of the Bongo from The Phantom Menace. The SCUBA troopers are also a call-back to the SCUBA troopers from The Clone Wars. Even the lower level where Neeku and kids control the hatches is an homage to Cloud City’s carbonite freezing chamber in The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Resistance continues to pull from all over the Star Wars palette making for a giant collage of story.

Blowfish Two

Star Wars Resistance "No Escape" Part One.

The music in Star Wars Resistance has been the only aspect of the series that hasn’t been talked about much. It’s been very subtle, with some themes from the saga played here and there. Expect this to change going into Season Two. From start to finish, the music in “No Escape” is filled with a balance of tension and lighter moments like when Kaz found Flix and Orka hiding in a shipping container waiting to be shipped to Talalvar. Even the music during Hux’s speech sounds very much like “Torn Apart” from The Force Awakens soundtrack, which was most likely intentional.

Kaz watching his homeworld being obliterated by Starkiller Base was heartbreaking. Kaz, being such a kindhearted person will inevitably be a changed individual after witnessing such a tragic event. It’s a very similar situation Leia found herself in A New Hope. The difference being Kaz had no inclination that this would ever happen, which makes it even more disturbing. Now the destruction of Hosnian Prime holds more weight; there is a direct link to a character lead who was personally affected. Kaz lost his family, including his father who was a Republic senator. It’s not stretch to think Kaz’s father, Hamato Xiono could’ve been meeting with Leia’s envoy, Korr Sella.


Star Wars Resistance once again proves itself to be a must watch week in and week out. With Hosnian Prime now destroyed, Kaz’s mission could change. Leia has already invited Kaz to meet the rest of the Resistance. Will Tam take Tierney up on her offer to join the First Order? Will Kaz engage the hyperdrive and fly the Colossus off Castilon? Will the pirates come to the aid of Kaz and Yeager? So many questions! Next week some answers may be revealed. Maybe.

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