MCU: Location Scout | “You Got A Plan?” Chase

by Jovial Jay

Black Widow is just around the corner and MCU: Location Scout is back to reveal some of the locations!

LOCATION: Car & Motorcycle Chase (Budapest, Hungary)
SHOW: Black Widow

With Marvel’s Black Widow only about two months away (for real this time), the studio has been ramping up their marketing of the film (again). Most recently there was a new trailer, an actual clip of a car and motorcycle chase in Budapest, Hungary, entitled “You Got A Plan?” Since this is the first new film content in almost two years, let’s see where this chase takes place.

This chase sequence, which has had clips from it in other Black Widow trailers, appears to actually take place in Budapest, Hungary. Sometimes in film, cities don’t play themselves, but in this case it appears as if Budapest is playing itself.

The action starts out in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the Eastern Bank of the Danube as Natasha and Yelena drive off in a little blue compact car chased by a motorcycle, which barrels down the stairs from the upper road to the Id. Antall József rkp. The wide shot gives a nice view of the route along the river.

Natasha drives up the ramp and swings a hard right at Kossuth Lajos tér.  The camera angles switch to a rear view of the motorcycle pursuing the car, weaving in and out of traffic. This shot and the subsequent ones have moved to a new location, on Széchenyi u. heading West back towards the river. All the various shots are racing down the same two blocks of Széchenyi just west of the Danube.

Yelena forces the steering wheel from Natasha, inverting the car and sheering the door off, which takes out the motorcycle and its rider at the intersection of Széchenyi and Tüköry. Natasha spins the car back around at the corner of Széchenyi and Akadémia before driving off.

There’s much more Black Widow action to be had in Budapest as well as in England, and Georgia. Stay tuned for more location reports as we get closer to the July 9, 2021 release date!

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