MCU: Location Scout – The City of Attilan

by Jovial Jay

Attilan. The Inhuman city on the moon! How can ABC afford to film in such a remote location?

LOCATION: Attilan (Hawaii State Capitol & Battery Harlow)
SHOW: Inhumans, S01E01 & E02 “Behold…The Inhumans” & “Those Who Would Destroy Us”

Attilan. The Inhuman city on the moon! How can ABC afford to film in such a remote location?

The answer is easy of course, it’s not really that remote. All of the filming locations of Inhumans, according to the credits, were filmed in Hawaii. That may be somewhat remote to the normal filming location of Hollywood, but not NASA-remote.

The two main exterior locations used for Attilan are the Royal Palace and the Lower Castes. Luckily there was quite a bit of fan-press coverage surrounding the shooting of a new Marvel property in Hawaii, which made discovering these locations relatively easy.

The shots around the courtyard of the Royal Palace, which include Black Bolt and Medusa walking through the crowd, Crystal and Lockjaw wandering around prior to the Terrigenesis ceremony, and Karnak escaping the coup, were filmed at the Hawaii State Capitol. I’m not sure about your state capitol, but i’m not sure that this sort of access is common. It’s a beautiful location that really helps sell the look of Attilan (along with some matte paintings and other special effects).

The next location is a little more difficult, in part due to the night shots. For shots when Maximus visits the lower caste in episode 1, or makes his proclamation speech at the end of episode 2, the historic site of Battery Harlow at the crater of Diamond Head was used. Battery Harlow is part of Fort Ruger Military Reservation, which consists of a number of military batteries around the Diamond Head crater. It is currently part of the state park and obviously used as a filming location.

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