MCU: Location Scout – Stanley’s Pizza

by Jovial Jay

I have always gotten a kick out of the fact that the pizza parlor that Bruce Banner works for in Incredible Hulk was called Stanley’s Pizza. It was a great homage to the original writer of the comic.

LOCATION: Stanley’s Pizza (57 King Street West, Dundas, Canada)
SHOW: The Incredible Hulk, 2008

Stanley’s Pizza parlor. A normal enough name, unless you realize that Stan Lee was the co-creator of the Hulk (with Jack Kirby), and then this location becomes a great pun inserted by the filmmakers to honor “The Man.”

Finding this location was pretty straightforward. A number of shots in the film were shot near Dundas, in Hamilton, and several sites listed King Street West as being a filming location for the pizza restaurant. That’s great, as it always gives me a place to start.

The real trick was to confirm that it was indeed the same location. Finding locations years after a film was shot can prove to be difficult, especially when the location may not exist any more, or has been changed to a new business. Also since the external shots of Stanley’s Pizza were so tight (and also shot at night) that made things more difficult. Luckily, the interiors appear to also have been filmed at the location.

Stanley's PizzaOn the image above I noticed part of the sign for the building across the street. It looked like it said “Buck.” So in checking out the address in question I knew I was looking for a sign like this across the street. Unfortunately, the current location imagery shows a Credit Union. But if I roll back Google maps street view to 2007 or 2009, there’s my “Buck!” The store is called “Bucks N Bargoons” which sounds like it might be a second-hand thrift store.

Stanley's PizzaI applauded Google for having older images that allow detectives, such as myself, that allows me to basically “time travel” 10 years into the past to help create these maps.

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