MCU: Location Scout – St. Patrick’s Cathedral

by Jovial Jay

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Matt Murdock’s church, was first seen in Daredevil Season 1. It is a unique location having used the same place for the interiors and exteriors.

LOCATION: St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Church of Ascension, 127 Kent St, Brooklyn, NY)
SHOW: Daredevil, S01E03 “Rabbit in a Snowstorm”

Matt Murdock’s church in Daredevil is about as iconic as the Fortress of Solitude is to Superman. It something, that has been a huge portion of the storylines in the Netflix series and the Frank Miller comics they’re based on. In fact, the series opens with Matt in a confessional talking to his priest.

St. Patrick's Cathedral St. Patrick's CathedralThe church itself is not seen until the third episode of Season 1, but it continues to be touchstone location throughout the entire series. With a lot of the locations in the Netflix series, the exterior portions are shot in New York at real locations, but the interiors are often filmed back in the studios. The St. Patrick’s Church location is unique in that the scenes inside the church are the same location as outside.

St. Patrick's Cathedral St. Patrick's CathedralThe producers decided to use a small Episcopal church in Greenpoint called the Church of the Ascension, which given the beautiful stained glass and column design works well for Matt’s supposed Hell’s Kitchen sanctuary. It’s quite evident from the designs on the show, when compared to an actual photo from the church, that cast and crew were actually on location. Recreating that look would just have been too costly for a smaller show like Daredevil.

MCU: Location Scout would like to wish Matt Murdock and the rest of his friends the best of luck finding more work in the future, wherever that may be!

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