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by Jovial Jay

Just over two years ago the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was released. Now, with the release of the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, MCU: Location Scout will take a look at some cut scenes from that original trailer.

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The original Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was amazing and had a lot of great shots in it. But there are two iconic ones that really stand out!

Hotel Atrium

Spider-Man Homecoming One of the most iconic shots, and one that would have been cool to see in the finished project, was the shot of the Vulture descending down through a hotel atrium, right at the camera. The distinctive shape of this indoor hotel was obvious to any attendee of Dragon-Con. It was obviously the Marriott Marquis Atlanta!

Spider-Man HomecomingIt would seem that the cut scene with the Vulture was never intended to be used in the final film. It was created specifically for a Comic-Con sizzle reel before the film was completed. In a ScreenCrush interview, director Jon Watts states, “That was never meant to be in the movie. But I did use that angle for Vulture’s reveal at the beginning of the movie; Vulture’s hovering, swooping towards the camera like that. I used that shot, it’s just no longer in an Atlanta hotel atrium.”

Queens Fly-By

Spider-Man HomecomingThe same article also discusses the second cut scene from the trailer, that was never in the film. That’s the final shot with Spidey & Iron Man flying over Queens (specifically 31st Ave & 29th St, Astoria). It was never intended to be in the film, and was also created strictly for the trailer.

Spider-Man Homecoming

In the same article, Watts states that they had tried to have the shot happen over the Staten Island Ferry sequence, but it wasn’t working out. “ So I think I was like ‘Let’s just put them in Queens. Let’s use that as a backdrop.’ Because we couldn’t just create a whole new shot, so let’s just use one of these shots of the subway; put them in there,” he states.

This sort of thing happens. Even scenes that are intended to be in the film can get lost after the trailer is released due to the editing process. We’ll have to see how all the scenes in the new Spider-Man trailer fare come July 5th!

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