MCU: Location Scout – SHIELD Warehouse

by Jovial Jay

This week MCU: Location Scout looks at finding locations that no longer exist, such as the SHIELD Warehouse, and the problem of OCD.

MCU Location Scout
LOCATION: SHIELD Warehouse (590 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013)
SHOW: Iron Man 2, 2010

I’ve not stuck to any particular order when adding locations to the MCU Location Map. I started with the Daredevil and Jessica Jones show on Netflix. I then decided to extend the project to the films. By that time Luke Cage and Iron Fist were coming out on Netflix. And then I decided to go whole hog, and add in Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.Once I started adding the movies, I went through them in order, adding the obvious locations (such as Edwards Air Force Base in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, or Tony’s Malibu home), and skipping anything I didn’t recognize right off the bat. I also would start looking for anything that struck my fancy, or that seemed easy.

So while I was working thru Iron Man 2, and checking any additional references on MarvelFilmGuide, I noticed they had this Warehouse listed as “location unknown.” Challenge accepted!

Knowing that a majority of the first two Iron Man films were shot in the Los Angeles area was a helpful start. Using the images from the film, I recognized the bridge in the background as part of the 4th or 6th street bridge in Los Angeles, so that’s where I started looking. Not seeing anything from the Google Maps view, I switched over to street view and rolled back the date to around the time the film would have been shot, and I saw the building. At some point since 2010, it’s been torn down. But the data lives on in the Internet!

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MCU: Location Scout
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Behind every scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a location. Some are iconic. Some are functional. Some are completely fantastic. But all of them are there to support the story.

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