MCU: Location Scout – Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant

by Jovial Jay

The Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant is one of the most amazing locations in the Netflix series’ of shows. It’s a restaurant that the production were able to drive a car into, shoot up with squibs, and have stunt performers doing wire work inside the small building! That’s because it’s not really a restaurant.

LOCATION: Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant (646 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, NY)
SHOW: The Defenders, S01E04 “Royal Dragon”

Royal Dragon Chinese RestaurantThe location used for this restaurant is actually the former location of the Williamsburg Hand Car Wash & Detail Center (located now, a few miles away at 263 Boerum St in Brooklyn). I discovered this location through a New York Post article, written about the show and specifically, location Manager Rafael Lima. He was quoted, “I realized I wasn’t going to find a cool landlord or restaurant owner to let us do something like that, so I had to think of real-life alternatives.” And this car wash was the result of that.

Royal Dragon Chinese RestaurantFor those interested, the In-Universe address of the restaurant is 495 W. 47th St, putting it squarely in Hell’s Kitchen, like many other locations from Daredevil & The Defenders.

Royal Dragon Chinese RestaurantFollowing the continuing adventures of Jessica Jones when her second season debuts March 8, 2018 on Netflix.

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