MCU: Location Scout – Pop’s Barber Shop

by Jovial Jay

Need a haircut or some sage advice? Pop’s Barber Shop is the place to come!

LOCATION: Pop’s Barber Shop (179 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY 10026)
SHOW: Luke Cage, S01E01 “Moment of Truth”

Pop's Barber Shop

One of the first locations we see in the Netflix series Luke Cage, is Pop’s Barber Shop. It’s the location where anyone from the neighborhood can visit and you are safe from violence. Since Luke’s return to Harlem, after the events of the Jessica Jones series, he has been working in the barber shop cleaning up.

Pop's Barber ShopThe crew did such a great job finding this location, and it figures so prominently into the season, that I knew it should be one of the first ones to discover. Finding the location wasn’t difficult. There are many sites on the internet that list the physical location, and the fact that’s it’s close to the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church on Lenox Ave, made it easy to find independently.

What surprised me the most was learning that the interiors of the shop were not actually shot on the location. The way that the scenes cut back and forth, I thought for certain that there were crews working inside the facade at 119th & Lenox Ave. But according to this article at, the interiors were filmed at their soundstages in Brooklyn. There were a few scenes shot in back of the shop, in the alley, which were also shot on location.

Pop's Barber ShopIt remains to be seen if Pop’s will return in Season 2, currently being filmed in New York, but if it does, this is where you can find it!

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