MCU: Location Scout – NYPD 29th Precinct

by Jovial Jay

Who would think that a church could double as a police station? Certainly not me, until I went looking for this Precinct!

LOCATION: Ext. 29th Precinct (21 Dobbin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222)
SHOW: Luke Cage, S01E07 “Manifest”

Much like the NYPD 15th Precinct in Daredevil, the 29th Precinct is a fictitious precinct within the New York Police Department. However the numbering indicates that the 29th is part of the Manhattan North group, and responsible for Harlem. Very appropriate for Luke Cage.

29th Precinct The interiors of the station were first seen in episode 2, and were built on the soundstages used by the production. The next time the 29th showed up was in episode 5, where it appeared to be under a bridge, or at least the parking lot for the police vehicles.

29th Precinct

The images above are all from episodes 7, 8 & 10 where we see the front of the station. This is where the TV crew catches Mariah exiting the station and she gives an impromptu speech about the harassment by the police. Luke and Misty also share a conversation out front at one point as well.

29th Precinct

In looking for the location, I could tell that the site was a church or possibly a catholic school, given the crosses on the wall and the cross that can be see on the roof in the wide shot. I also knew it was near a park, but didn’t have enough of the background imagery to help locate it. This was also early on in my Location Scouting career, so I may not have really tried my hardest!

29th Precinct

I reached out to the nice redditors at r/Brooklyn who entertained my question and helped me locate the building speedily! (plus they had some other tips for me as well!) It turns out it was Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family. It’s amazing how creative these shows get with the locations they choose.

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