MCU: Location Scout – New York Sidewalk Accident

by Jovial Jay

You’d think that a film about a New York doctor, having a fight in New York City, and ending with an accident on a New York sidewalk would be shot in New York? If you did, then you must not be reading these posts carefully!

LOCATION: New York Sidewalk-Accident (1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2Y 9LY, UK)
SHOW: Doctor Strange, 2016

New York Sidewalk AccidentTrying to track down the various New York locations from Doctor Strange might prove near impossible, due to the amounts of CGI used in creating them. The big fight through the city featuring Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo and The Ancient One vs Kaecilius and his acolytes, with its fractal geometry and special effects, is more of a created location, rather than an actual location. However, the shot at the end of that sequence, featuring The Ancient One crashing out of the sky, through a glass partition and onto the sidewalk, was in a real location. It was just not in New York City.

New York Sidewalk AccidentUnlike Captain America: Civil War before it, or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 after it, Doctor Strange was not shot in the Atlanta studios that most of the MCU films are utilizing now. It was shot in several studios in London, and that helped inform the Location Scouting that I performed. With the help of some fan-made YouTube videos of the filming of this scene, I was able to determine its true location, in London.

New York Sidewalk AccidentThe team was very industrious, swapping out street signs for New York based streets (the street the crash takes place on is Marketfield St), adding proper Taxi Cabs, and basically faking out the viewer so that you believe it took place in NYC. Plenty of NYC footage was shot in the city, just not this location!

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