MCU: Location Scout – New Jersey State Line

by Jovial Jay

Sometimes there are locations I search for all over, but never come up with anything. And some locations I put away, because I don’t think they are findable without inside information. The New Jersey State Line from Captain America: The Winter Soldier falls into this second category. But guess what?

LOCATION: New Jersey State Line (26076 Sand Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91387)
SHOW: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

New Jersey State LineIn my recent rewatch of the MCU (I’m slowly moving through Phase 2, updating the location map as needed), I was paying close attention to locations I hadn’t found yet. The above shot of the road leading into New Jersey looked familiar. Let’s put it this way: I knew it was not New Jersey! But it also didn’t look like Ohio (they filmed the Camp Lehigh scenes that follow about one hour outside of Cleveland).

The white fence. The way the lighting looked. That 30 MPH sign! This looked super familiar. As if I’d looked at this location recently…. And that’s when I realized it was actually the Santa Clarita valley in Southern California!

New Jersey State LineThe reason it looked so familiar was I had just (painstakingly) discovered this exact spot from a season 5 episode of Agents of SHIELD. What made it challenging, and really made it stick in my head, was that the SHIELD location was divined from a sequence that was shot entirely from inside an RV! An errant street sign led me to this location.

New Jersey State LineAnyway, checking the Google Maps view of the location and comparing it to the film again, it was super obvious that Steve and Natasha were definitely driving the wrong way into New Jersey!

New Jersey State LineStay tuned for more exciting behind-the-scene revelations from your #1 source for MCU Locations!

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