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by Jovial Jay

With Captain Marvel opening this Friday, MCU: Location Scout looks at some other locations from the various promos and trailers.

SHOW: Captain Marvel

While no details have emerged about the plot surrounding this fight, the “Captain Marvel Special Film Clip” teaser shows what appears to be the bulk of Carol’s fight, with what is arguably a Skrull in human form, on the top of a Los Angeles Metro train.

Metro Train Fight Metro Train FightThe trailer opens with Carol, in her teal colored outfit, jumping up through a hatch onto the top of the metro train. She is kicked backwards by the character she is chasing, while in a car below Nick Fury and Phil Coulson (presumably with SHIELD at this point), follow the train. The agents’ car careens around a corner which is located at N Nash St & Atwood Way, in El Segundo, CA. They are in luck since the train Carol is on the Metro Green Line heading North. They will be able to stay on the road following it at least up towards the airport. Too bad for Carol that the train is elevated all this time.

Metro Train Fight Metro Train FightNext there’s an aerial shot of the car driving North on Nash St at E Maple Ave, with the train rounding a bend, when Carol is knocked over the side of the vehicle. She manages to grab on but part of the siding falls on Fury’s car below. These shots also take place at Nash St in front of the Hyatt Place LAX/El Segundo. The elevated supports for the Metro Rail have been digitally enhanced on the following shots of the car on the road.

Metro Train Fight Metro Train FightCarol is attempting to pull herself back onto the roof of the train, as it descends from it’s elevated track onto track running parallel with the road. Amazingly the location of the scene is now in East Los Angeles on 1506 E 1st St (and the Metro Gold Line). Fans of cinematic car chases in LA shouldn’t be surprised, this is par for the course (see Speed or Lethal Weapon 2 as example of films that ignore the geography of the Los Angeles roads). At this point in reality, the metro train track is enhanced appearing to be closer to the street than it actually is.

Metro Train Fight Metro Train FightFury weaves in and out of traffic finally making a wide left turn across an intersection (E 1st St & Gabriel Garcia Marquez St) as Carol pulls herself back onto the roof. She does so just in time to notice a tunnel ahead. Blasting a hole in the roof, she leaps inside the car as the train enters the tunnel. This tunnel really does exist on this section of track, just beyond S Gless St and E 1st St.

Metro Train Fight Metro Train FightWhile this preview may not be the complete sequence, it’s sure to be part of the final film. It looks like an exciting scene that introduces audiences to the dangers of the enemy (and probably connected to the shots of Carol punching the old lady in other previews). Be sure to check back with MCU: Location Scout for more Captain Marvel locations after the movie is released!

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