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by Jovial Jay

This week MCU: Location Scout gives credit to the brave mapping pioneers that have come before us.

MCU Location Scout
LOCATION: The Real World
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Before we continue with the Locations, I wanted to take a moment, and thank a number of people on the Internet for helping with this search. I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me, and my work is based off of work that they had previously put in.

My primary tool, is observation. I watch the show/film/episode and see what I can see. Are there any signs? Is it a place I recognize, or nearly recognize that can give me a starting place to look? Do I recognize the location from any other movie or TV show? I then take to Google Maps and Street View to see what I can find. But oftentimes that’s not enough.

My first stop is the Filming Locations section of IMDb to see what they have listed. I use that to give me a sense where the show was filmed. Was it in England? Atlanta? Los Angeles? I’ve also started keeping track of where films and shows are shooting using sites such as OnLocationVacations, and using that to piece the puzzle together.

There are many websites can tell you where certain parts of your favorite films were shot, but none that have really collected them all together. The following sites served as a nice research base for me to start from. But I didn’t just add a location because some site told me so. My criteria for adding locations to the MCU Location Map was two fold: could I confirm the location thru observation, or could I get another source to validate what the website has said (I removed a site that wasn’t confirmable just the other week!). In some cases I found their research lacking, and understood the location to be somewhere else. Other times, I confirmed the location through the use of observation, secondary images (just Google the location and look at the images), or first-hand accounts (such as in the Art of Marvel Studios books, or from magazines, such as Cinefex)

  • – This is where I got the majority of the information on the main locations for the MCU Films. There’s a lot of good information here, but there are some mistakes however.
  • – This was a supplemental site for looking into the films. The person behind this has taken OCD to a whole new level (and it’s much appreciated)!
  • – A great blog of Los Angeles based filming locations and really helpful with early episodes of Agents of SHIELD. It contains the main one-or-two locations from each episode. But as I dove deeper, and moved on past Season 2, it failed to keep up, so everything you see there is all my own.
  • Flickr-Tony Hoffarth – This set of images was helpful in confirming the locations of several Agent Carter sites. Tony has done a nice job getting into the actual filming locations with his site.
  • Untapped Cities – A fully New York blog, providing some great insight into various weird & offbeat locations for the Netflix shows. UC helped confirm ideas of existing locations that I was close to, but hadn’t quite found. Much like Seeing-Stars above, they have a number of key (or “easy” locations),  but also provided some insight into the Interiors (“harder” locations) of certain restaurants or warehouses.
  • r/Brooklyn – The lovely redditors at r/Brooklyn are welcoming and as passionate about these shows as well. I’ve asked questions and they’ve answered!

This is a giant puzzle, and I’m an Internet Detective pouring thru the data. Thanks to these sites for providing me the tools to do this job!

To see the Filming Location listed above, and hundreds of others, please click the Map Icon on the left. From there you can explore all the Locations and Scout your trip to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Got tips? Got corrections? Let me know on Twitter @JovialJay!
MCU: Location Scout
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Behind every scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a location. Some are iconic. Some are functional. Some are completely fantastic. But all of them are there to support the story.

Here at the MCU: Location Scout, Jovial Jay digs deep to uncover the real-world filming locations behind your favorite super hero films. From Iron Man to Inhumans and everything in between!

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