MCU: Location Scout – Colleen Wing’s Dojo

by Jovial Jay

Colleen Wing’s Dojo, the Chikara Dojo, is located in the fringe areas of Chinatown – in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge – and serves as Colleen’s apartment as well as her studio. To celebrate the Second Season of Iron Fist, dropping Friday, September 7, 2018, we present this look back at an iconic location from Season One.

LOCATION: Colleen Wing’s Dojo (47 Monroe St, New York, NY)
SHOW: Iron Fist, S01E01 “Snow Gives Way”

Colleen Wing's DojoColleen’s Dojo doesn’t look like much, but this is the place where she has trained her body to be able to take on The Hand. It’s also where she and Danny Rand, an over-privileged rich boy get to know one another.

Colleen Wing's Dojo

While much of the action in Iron Fist season 1 takes place in Chinatown, the Chikara Dojo is technically 2 blocks south of Chinatown. However the show captures the feel of the neighborhood.

Colleen Wing's Dojo

Finding this location wasn’t too difficult, as I had assumed it was in the Chinatown area. Using the Bridge as a landmark, along with the Food King Restaurant on the corner, it made tracking down the dojo relatively easy work.

For interiors of the dojo, the assumption is that those were shot on the studio soundstages and not in the building itself, but I have no actual confirmation of that.

Colleen Wing's Dojo

Tune in this Friday, September 7 on Netflix for the second season of Iron Fist. Featuring more kung-fu action, and hopefully more of the Chikara Dojo!

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