MCU: Location Scout – CDC Facility

by Jovial Jay

Sometimes the location used in the MCU is a popular and possibly common New York filming location, much like this “CDC Facility from Jessica Jones.

LOCATION: CDC Facility (900 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11232)
SHOW: Jessica Jones, S01E05 “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”

In the Netflix series, Jessica Jones, Jessica and her friends must stop a psychopath, Kilgrave, who can affect others to his will with just a suggestion. Officer Simpson knows of an abandoned Centers for Disease Control facility that they can take him to, hoping his powers can be contained.

CDC Facility CDC FacilityThis location was listed as a filming location on when I was looking up information on Jessica Jones. Of course, you have no idea if the addresses listed on location filming sites are the actual locations being filmed, or if it’s the location that’s being used for the parking of the trucks, so you usually have to look around a bit. But obviously, these warehouses are so distinctive that this was a pretty easy location to map.

CDC FacilityThe in-universe address from Episode 9 is actually 566 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, NY, which is just a few blocks away, so they tried to at least stay “true” to the area by giving it that address.

CDC Facility CDC FacilityYou may recognize this location from other shows, as it has shown up in a number of films and TV episodes including Men in Black III and Person of Interest. Though to be fair, I think MIB3 filmed one street over, but nevertheless, the location has been used for many productions.

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