MCU: Location Scout | Castleton Park

by Jovial Jay

An otherworldly invader interrupts a basketball game at the Castleton park in this week’s MCU: Location Scout.

LOCATION: Castleton Park (Culver City Park, 9910 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230)
SHOW: Agents of SHIELD, S06E01 “Missing Pieces”

Missing Pieces ParkAgents of SHIELD has returned for Season 6 and that means new locations around Los Angeles doubling for other cities around the world. In “Missing Pieces,” during a boys basketball game at a Castleton, Indiana park, a strange shimmer appears on a wall and a large man steps through, possibly from another dimension. SHIELD is there to stop him, but not in time, as their quinjet is shot down.

Missing Pieces ParkAs with other seasons of the show, the production films at the Culver City Studios, and adheres to the Los Angeles thirty-mile zone. So traveling to Indiana for scenes in this week’s episode was not going to happen. Luckily, my familiarity with the L.A. area is high, plus using some logical intuition can help zero-in on the specific locations for the episode.

Missing Pieces ParkMost shows will shoot close to their home base, or studio, as possible. Other possibilities are that some scenes may be all shot in the same location. So, if there’s already a location identified, then check there first. Otherwise, check near the studio. Fortunately with the park sequence, an aerial view from the quinjet was provided, helping pinpoint the location at Culver City Park.

This location was well reviewed by me recently, as at least three different scenes from Captain Marvel were filmed here. It’s also a quick 7 minute trip from the studios to the park, so easy access is a plus. Stay tuned for more locations from Agents of SHIELD as they’re discovered and aired!

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