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by Jovial Jay

The recent film Captain Marvel, makes good use of flashbacks to show the character of Carol Danvers. It also makes good use of one location to show multiple events.

LOCATION: Carol Danvers Flashbacks (Culver City Park, 9910 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA)
SHOW: Captain Marvel

Throughout the film, there are brief flashes of Carol, as a young girl or older, falling down. The message Captain Marvel tells audiences is, that it’s okay to fall, but our humanity and power lies in getting back up. There were at least six examples of this type scene in the film. One took place at the beach, one took place at a go-kart track, (both with young Carol), and third took place at the crash of the Asis Jet, with adult Carol. All three of these locations were distinct and separate. For the final three scenes, however, the location scout found one place near the Los Angeles studio that could serve all three sequence: Culver City Park in Culver City, CA.

Carol Danvers FlashbacksCarol Playing Softball

During a little league game, young Carol Danvers is brushed back off the plate by an inside pitch. The softball field used was the main field at the park, Bill Botts Field. The road separating the fields, and the fencing for the upper fields can be seen in the screenshot above.

Carol Danvers Flashbacks Carol Danvers FlashbacksCarol’s Bike Accident

Young Carol takes a tumble on her bicycle while riding in this parking lot in this flashback. This was filmed in the parking lot next to the softball field. The distinctive stairs behind her lead up to a trio of other softball field.

Carol Danvers FlashbacksCarol on the Ropes Course

Later in life, an adult Carol Danvers takes on a ropes course as part of her Air Force training. In this flashback she falls off the rope, knocking the wind out of herself. This was filmed at Fulcrum Adventures, an obstacle course in the park. Some behind-the-scene photos of the filming show the location a little better.

Culver City Park provides a number of excellent locations all within proximity of several studios. The park was also used in a recent episode of Agents of SHIELD, proving how truly versatile it actually is.

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