MCU: Location Scout – Bifrost Bridge

by Jovial Jay

Kenneth Branagh’s Thor is an incredible film. It introduces the MCU to Thor, Loki, Asgard & the Bifrost Bridge. And yet, even though a majority of the film takes place in mystical realms, the filmmakers still managed to use some very Earth-bound locations to film the action.

LOCATION: Bifrost Bridge (Torrey Pines State Beach, La Jolla, CA)
SHOW: Thor (2011)

Bifrost BridgeAccording to the behind-the-scenes article in Cinefex 126, the shots of the heroes riding their horses across the Bifrost were filmed at the very beachy location at Torrey Pines State Beach in La Jolla, California.

Bifrost Bridge

The flat expanses of beach and the uniform coloration made it easier for the effect artists to digitally edit out the sand the surf, and replace it with the multicolored rainbow bridge. Other portions of Asgard, in this film and subsequent Thor films, were also based in part on actual locations in our world, while giving them that magical twist necessary to exist in the Nine Realms. 

Bifrost Bridge

This post is a tie-in with the most recent Agents of SHIELD: Case Files episode discussing Thor, which is part of the Hiatus Shows while we wait for Agents of SHIELD to return to the airwaves!

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