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by Jovial Jay

Alias Investigations, which is the name of Jessica Jones’ private investigation firm, first debuted in the first episode of Season 1. It has been made up of several exterior filming locations that we’ll be looking at in this article. The interiors of her office are filmed on the Broadway Soundstages in Long Island City.

LOCATION: Alias Investigations S1 (217 W 101st St, New York, NY 10025); Alias Investigations S2 (180 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10027)
SHOW: Jessica Jones, S01E01 “AKA Ladies Night” & Jessica Jones, S02E01 “AKA Start At The Beginning”

Alias InvestigationsThroughout the first season there were a couple scenes that took place in front of the building that stood in for her apartment/office. If I recall, it was a couple brief talking/walking scenes with Jessica and Trish and then another one with Jessica and Malcolm. Nothing crazy.

Alias InvestigationsThese scenes for her office were shot on 101st Street in New York, just yards from Broadway. For the action occurring, these brief scenes near a busy street were probably not a huge deal to film.

Alias InvestigationsFast forward to Season 2. With its debut, viewers may have noticed that the exteriors of Jessica’s office has changed. I believe this is due to an increased amount of action taking place in front of Alias Investigations – beginning with the first episode, and continuing throughout the season. It’s my opinion that the production team switched locations due to the large amount of scenes needing to be shot at the exterior. The new location was able to afford them the ability to close down roads, and bring in the large crowds and equipment that they need to produce those scenes.

Alias InvestigationsThe second season location is on Claremont Ave, near LaSalle. The production team found many other locations in this area to shoot a variety of scenes, including the exterior of Jeri’s Doctors Office and the college campus that Malcolm visits.

Alias InvestigationsThe final location of Alias Investigations is the In-Universe location, provided by Jessica’s business card from Season One. This street address can briefly be seen on the exterior call board of the Season Two scenes.

Alias Investigations

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