MCU: Location Scout – 1942 Brooklyn

by Jovial Jay

This week Agents of SHIELD: Case Files takes a look back at Captain America: The First Avenger, so here’s a cross-promotional look at the 1942 Brooklyn street scenes!

LOCATION: 1942 Brooklyn (Dale St, Manchester, UK & New York Street, Universal Studios, CA)
SHOW: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

1942 BrooklynAfter Steve has become Captain America and Heinz Kruger assassinates Dr. Erskine, the latter gets in a car and speeds away from the SSR base/Antique store. These scenes were filmed in Manchester UK on Dale Street between Port Street on the North and about China Lane on the South, which was redressed physically as early 1940’s Brooklyn. There was also additional digital trickery at work as well, replacing backgrounds and skyscapes.

1942 Brooklyn 1942 Brooklyn1942 Brooklyn 1942 BrooklynThe Antique store that doubles as the SSR base is located at approximately 66 Dale Street. When Kruger comes out of the building he heads South towards China Lane. Agent Peggy Carter takes a stance and tried to shoot at the car which has turned and headed straight for her, before Steve knocks her out of the way. The car crash happens at the North end of the street, just past Tariff Street, looking South.

1942 Brooklyn 1942 Brooklyn 1942 Brooklyn 1942 BrooklynKruger gets into a Taxi cab and speeds back past the Antique store. Steve follows in bare feet, past the Bicycle shop, crosses a couple streets and then crashes into the window at a Bridal Store. The Bicycle shop and the Bridal store were both built in front of Back China Lane. The scenes of the car driving or Steve running are all done on Dale Street, and just change the angle or direction being filmed.

1942 Brooklyn 1942 Brooklyn 1942 BrooklynAfter leaping a fence and some further foot chases, Steve jumps onto and off of a car, hurtling himself across car tops until he lands on the stolen Taxi Cab. Everything from the first leap, thru the Taxi making a left turn, were shot on a 1940’s version of New York Street at Universal Studios in California.

1942 Brooklyn 1942 BrooklynThe left turn takes the Taxi back onto Dale Street, where in quickly turns into an alley (Mangle St), and then all the way to Regent Road in Liverpool, where the Taxi crashes.  After Steve is thrown from the Taxi cab roof, they emerge at Pier 39, which was covered in a previous MCU: Location Scout.

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