Mandalorian Inktober: Day 29

by Kendall Schroeder

Inktober Day 29: Shoes

Inktober Day 29 Prompt Shoes

As the Season 2 premier of The Mandalorian is just a few hours away from the time of this writing, the anticipation is mounting. The Emmy-award winning first season hit the mark on all aspects. Exciting storytelling, imaginative technology, new and familiar characters, and some surprises along the way, as well as an incredible score brings this series to the top of the must watch list. However, for Season 2 to pick up and carry on in this way is a big challenge. Those aspects  are mighty big shoes fill.

Speaking of Filling Shoes

Live action Mandalorians are a rare breed. It began with Boba Fett in the original trilogy and continued in the prequels with the story of his father, Jango. But since then, the only Mandalorians seen on screen have been in animated form. Din Djarin already had big shoes to fill. And, with rumors that Boba Fett will return from the sarlacc pit to appear in Season 2, those spiked shoes may see some action. Oh, boy!

Boba Fett

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