Mandalorian Inktober: Day 24

by Kendall Schroeder


Mandalorian Inktober Day 24 Prompt, Dig
In Chapter 4: Sanctuary, the Mandalorian travels to the planet Sorgan in hopes of finding a much needed respite. Here, he meets former shock trooper, Cara Dune, and a mutual bond develops. When Mando is approached by local krill farmers asking for a Mandalorian’s help to protect their village, he insists that Dune join him.

Soon, the duo find what they are up against—an AT-ST Raider. The pair come up with a plan to take down the AT-ST by having the villagers dig their krill ponds deeper in hopes they will lure the giant killing machine in and destroy it.

The AT-ST Raider

Will their plan work?

AT-ST Raider

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