Mandalorian Inktober: Day 14

by Kendall Schroeder

Inktober Day 14 Prompt: Armor

Inktober Day 14 Prompt, Armor

Deep in the covert on the planet Nevarro, the Armorer tends to her forge. Using the beskar acquired by the Mandalorian, she fashions new armor and weapons for her tribe. From the mudhorn signet to the deadly “whistling birds,” the Armorer only reserves the excess for foundlings upon the request of the Din Djarin.

Ink Wash

For this prompt, I began by inking the sketch of the Armorer, then built up layers of ink on a separate pallette. Using a brush and water, I added a wash of black on the final inked drawing. The water pulled some of the ink from the piece and faded parts for an effect that I wasn’t planning. However, I like the final result.
The Armorer

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