Mandalorian Inktober: Day 11

by Kendall Schroeder


Inktober Day 11 Prompt Disgusting

Chapter Two: The Child is packed full of goodness… and, something a little disgusting, too. After our hero returns victorious from battle (with a little help), he delivers the egg of the mudhorn to the jawas.

“Sooga, sooga, sooga!” They chant. The Jawa leader slices open the egg and the clan digs into the gooey contents. This slightly disgusts the Mandalorian, but he does get the parts he needs in return to rebuild the Razor Crest.

The mudhorn, the Force, jawas, the sandcrawler, blurrgs, disgusting eggs, what more can anyone ask for?

Procreate Sketch

Procreate Sketch

Inked Jawa

Final Inked JawaColored Jawa

Colored Jawa

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