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Feature/Editorial Writers

Have something to say? Have a lot to say? Watched a great movie, perhaps, or read a great book, and can’t resist drawing connections, seeing influences, linking symbolism, uncovering references and forming theories?

We want you.

We’re looking for a few feature writers to contribute on weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly bases. Must have a curious mind and have a voracious appetite for any or all of the the following (and more):

DC TV Universe | DC Comics | Westworld | Marvel TV | Twin Peaks | Star Wars TV | Retro Games | Current Games | Cutting-Edge Science and Tech | Classic Sci-Fi Literature | Classic Fantasy Literature | Current Sci Fi Literature | Current Fantasy Literature | Weird fiction | Action Figures | Odd, Unusual, Eclectic & Random

Specifically, we need writers who have a passion for the following topics immediately:

The Walking Dead–Do you love TWD? Do you consume it all like a voracious zombie–the comic, the shows, the games, the books, and the merch? If you’re a die-hard (ha) Walking Dead fan, we need your writing skills. Analyze the franchise and its many themes, plot points, upcoming stories and theories with reckless abandon.
Game of Thrones–If you know the difference between Westeros, Essos and Sothoryos, you should be a RetroZapper. Let’s talk about Game of Thrones season 7, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the laziness of admitted genius George RR Martin.
Cinemanalysis: If you love film, we want you to write about it in our new column. Cinemanalysis is all about deep dives into the moves we love across all genres and eras. Let’s point out what’s great, what may be missed on first viewing, and maybe uncover some new ideas, too.

If you’re sick of the standard recaps and reviews, and want to sink your teeth in a little deeper, then it’s time you join the team! RetroZap is a place to hone your skills, work on a fantastic editorial team, and build your portfolio with articles you can be proud of, not listicles or quick blog posts.

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Visual Artists

RetroZap wants to publish work of every kind, and that means artwork and photography, too. If you like creating visual art based on your favorite fandom franchise, or want to publish some amazing original art on a regular basis, you’ve found your new home.

As an official RetroZap artist, you’ll not only be featured on the front page of the site, but you’ll also have the support of a vast network or writers, podcasters and other artists who will help you share your story.

FYI: We also believe in creator ownership–you’ll always retain rights to your work.

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If you like creating interesting, funny, leading-edge videos and want to drive success on YouTube and beyond, let’s talk!

We’re looking for video content creators to make the RetroZap YouTube channel a force to be reckoned with.

You’ll hone your skills and experience in video creation, push your talent farther, and join a growing team of like-minded creators.

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Podcast Network

RetroZap already has a variety of shows on its podcast network; are you the next show to join us?

We’re looking for high-quality, unique shows to expand the scope and depth of our podcast network.

Whether you’re a new show or have years of experience and are looking to have the support of a larger community of creators, RetroZap could be the home you’re looking for.

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