by Joseph Tavano
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Are you looking to take your fandom to the next level? Do you want to challenge and express yourself? Do you want to join a team of fun and talented creatives? You’ve come to the right place. Join RetroZap!

RetroZap is not like other fan sites in a lot of ways. Unlike many sites that publish any submission from anyone, we operate as a true team, with everyone lending support and community to one another. We believe this strengthens our work, and, as a high tide floats all boats, we lift each other up in our success.

Everything done at RetroZap is a true labor of love; we do it because we have a passion for pop-culture and have ideas we want to discuss. As a website, we do not seek to turn a profit, and believe in creator-owned work.

Why Join RetroZap?

  • Challenge yourself to write an article, produce a podcast, create a video or a piece of art—on a regular basis.
  • Learn new skills in website publishing, content creation, etc.
  • Be a part of a team, make new friends and be a leader in the community
  • Build a deeper appreciation for the fandom you love

Open Positions

RetroZap is currently seeking talented individuals for the following positions:

Staff Writer

If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of writing for a pop-culture web site, now is your chance! No matter your experience or background, you can apply to join the team. All you need is a passion for pop culture and the drive to write articles on a regular basis. In addition, you’ll have access to veteran editors who will review drafts and provide pointers on how to progress your skill set. Who knows—maybe you’ll be the next RetroZap writer to go viral! It’s happened before and will assuredly happen again.

We’re looking for articles that span a wide range of geek & pop culture topics. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • New film reviews
  • Classic film & TV retrospectives
  • Television series coverage
  • Book & comic reviews
  • Deeper analysis into ideas & themes of the above mediums
  • Odd, weird and forgotten pop culture things (think: Garbage Pail Kids cards, Crystal Pepsi, Rankin-Bass animation, Ewoks on Ice, etc.)
  • Action figure & collecting-focused articles
  • Gaming—Video Games, Tabletop, pen & paper, role-playing, Electronic Battleship, etc.
  • Star Wars analysis, thematic discussion, unique theories & longform articles
  • & much more! YOUR ideas are welcome—just pitch

Become a RetroZap Writer!

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The RetroZap Podcast Network is the home to numerous and diverse independent productions, all of which have come together under the same banner to enjoy and promote each others’ work, while offering listeners a chance for more content from creators they’ll love.

While some podcast networks are organized around advertising or insider cliques, RetroZap is unique in its mission: community. RetroZap offers a welcoming space for creators to come together as a team; while listeners receive a curated lineup of shows spanning multiple topics, united under shared interests of geek and pop culture. It’s a perfect opportunity to expose your show to new audiences and build a stronger listener base.

As a podcaster, you get support from veteran podcasters, technical insight, social media and PR amplification, and a welcoming community of fellow creators who want to meet you!

Why Join the RetroZap Podcast Network?
  1. Join a community of like minded creators & make new friends!
  2. Your podcast will have a home among shows with shared interests that your listeners will love.
  3. Access to RetroZap’s private community + other staff perks.
  4. You keep control & ownership of your show.
  5. Membership is free and at-will; no fees, contracts or commitments.
  6. Your podcast will be added to the RetroZap Podcast Network podcast feed (in addition to your own feed).
  7. Your show will receive its own podcast page, created specially for you! Just point your URL to it and you have a simple, clean, beautiful website.
  8. A new channel on RetroZap’s Discord community will be created for your podcast, for you and your listeners to hang out and build a vibrant community all your own!
  9. The RetroZap Team help you continue developing, promoting and progressing your show.
  10. Event & convention planning & assistance.

If you’re ready to join, please complete the form below! All are welcome.

Join the RetroZap Podcast Network! Click here.

Video Creators

YouTube is so hot right now, much like Hansel, but starting a channel from scratch can be daunting. If you’re a budding video producer, RetroZap is the place to be. Help build out our YouTube library with fresh, engaging videos on topics of your choice, as well as plenty of topics just waiting to be produced.

The world is waiting to watch your work—RetroZap is the stage where it will be seen. If you’re ready to make your mark, apply now.

Join the RetroZap Video Team! Click here.


You love sharing your work on social media, Instagram’s no place to get in depth into your craft. Share your creative inspirations, creative process, and the full story of your artistic work and portfolio as a RetroZap artist! We want to showcase your creator-owned work on a regular basis and recognize you with distinction as an artist we think the world should be paying attention to.

Digital art, sketches, photography, action-figure-related work, graphic design and more are welcome. The sky’s the limit!

Apply now.

Become a RetroZap Artist! Click here.


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