“Hunt on Celsor 3” Star Wars Resistance S02E04

by Eric Onkenhout

by Eric Onkenhout

With supplies running low, Captain Doza reluctantly gives Kaz and Tora permission to hunt a jakoosk for some much-needed food in, Hunt on Celsor 3.

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3.

The focus of season two of Star Wars Resistance had shifted as announced by the creators before the season started from Resistance/First Order/Kaz is a Resistance spy/the Aces (to a lesser extent) to a more internal struggle for the folks aboard the Colossus. The dark cloud of the First Order now is a fight for survival. Supplies are running low, and food is scarce. Four episodes into a 19-episode final season and the issues facing the Colossus resemble something a cruise ship deals with on a trip across the ocean.

Star Wars Resistance is becoming a Star Trek series. The crew and civilians aboard are stuck inside without the option of getting fresh air, and claustrophobia is setting in. The question is: Why would a ship the size of the Colossus not have enough food rations to last months or even years? The size of the Colossus has not been disclosed, regardless it’s obviously a massive ship that rivals an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, which has sustainability of several years. Yes, the Colossus has been resting in the oceans of Castilon for three decades, in which case they were able to live off the sea life, but wouldn’t Captain Doza have a plan in place for any possible scenario?

Captain Doza

This leads to the point that Captain Doza is an ineffectual leader, and the situation the Colossus finds itself in is mainly in part due to the poor decision making by Captain Doza. One of the responsibilities of a leader is to have a plan in place for any emergency situation. Having enough supplies on a large ship (seafaring or space-going) is a top priority, and yet the Colossus is in danger of running out. The time from departure from in No Escape to Hunt on Celsor 3 is unknown, but judging from the timeline of The Hosnian Cataclysm to the evacuation of D’Qar, it can’t have been more than a few days. How does a ship like that run out of food and supplies a week into its voyage?

Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3

And leading up to this, was Doza’s weak stance against Commander Pyre that allowed the First Order to station troops and the eventual loss of their freedom. In turn, jumpstarting Tam’s decision to join the First Order. Even the pirate Kragan Gorr recognized Doza’s incompetence by undermining his authority by hunting the jakoosk without his authorization. As an ex-Imperial officer, Doza should be used to structure, discipline, and preparedness. If there are any bright spots to the Empire, it’s that they instill those ideals. Apparently, they are lost on Doza.

Doza can’t seem to make a decision to save his life. Even when faced with the opportunity to hunt the jakoosk for a much-needed food source, he claimed it was too dangerous. When people are coming up with solutions instead of leadership, it says a lot.

Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3

Neeku to the Rescue

Neeku, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. While Kaz catches him packing, it’s assumed Neeku is also planning on leaving the Colossus (Which makes no sense. Where would he go? How would he leave?) along with Aunt Z. It’s not known until the very end of Hunt on Celsor 3 that Neeku had been planning on fixing the Colossus so that it gives the illusion of artificial daylight. Lack of sunlight is known to affect moods, so it makes sense that not having the option to go outside would change how people are feeling.

Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3

Kaz says to Neeku that he assumed he was packing to leave the Colossus, but the thought never crossed Neeku’s mind. Neeku says the Colossus is his home, and they are his family. The best part of the episode by far. Contrast this to how Tam feels about the Colossus; it clearly defines each other’s experience with the same group of people. While Tam feels betrayed by Kaz and Jeager and leaves at the first opportunity, Neeku genuinely loves his friends, and their well-being is his first priority. While Tam cannot be blamed for her frustration, she didn’t give Kaz a chance to explain. Neeku is always willing to give his friends the benefit of the doubt.

Jakoosk, it’s what’s for Dinner

Getting back to Doza, there should be a change of leadership, in which Jarick Yeager would most likely take over. It’s only a matter of time before Doza is forced to step down. Doza is not the type of guy to resign. Doza is that president or government leader that believes he is still capable of leading his people when, in reality, his people have already started to rebel. Doza says he will provide and protect his people. However, when it comes down to it, he stalls.

Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3

There is a disconnect between Doza and the citizens of the Colossus. Despite receiving advice from Yeager and his daughter, Tora, Captain Doza seems reluctant to take action. Doza has the temperament to lead, but only in committee, I.E., reporting to higher-ups. Meanwhile, it was Tora and Kaz’s decision to hunt the jakoosk, and Neeku who improved morale on his own volition.

If Star Wars Resistance is going to continue its projected course of focusing on smaller, self-contained stories, that’s fine; however, the situations facing the Colossus should be more realistic. Without going full-on hard science fiction, engaging foreign objects or alien threats/distress signals wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. Running out of food should be a non-issue.


Star Wars Resistance Hunt on Celsor 3 is an average episode at best. Hopefully, this downturn is temporary after such a strong showing in the first two episodes. Doza and the Colossus should focus more on scouting missions and trying to make contact with the rest of the Resistance. Salvaging for coaxium has allowed them to travel through hyperspace, opening up opportunities they didn’t have previously. It’s time for Captain Doza to be more assertive with his decision making or risk losing his command.

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