HASCON 2017 Transformers Brand Interview RETROZAP EXCLUSIVE!

by Joseph Tavano

Live from the floor of HASCON 2017, RetroZap Editor in Chief Joe Tavano talks to Ben Montano, Marketing Director, Transformers and John Warden, Design Manager, Transformers about the past, present and future of the brand.

From plans for the next movie to the toy line to the origins of the Transformers themselves (Quintessons), Ben and John reveal an amazing amount of behind-the-scenes information about the creative process, and what makes Transformers work after all these years. This type of access into the creatives who work on the brands we know and love is what makes HASCON 2017 such a special experience!

This interview with Ben Montano and John Warden of Hasbro is exclusive to the RetroZap Podcast Network. Subscribe on itunes here: http://bit.ly/retrozappodcastnetwork or anywhere else podcasts can be found.


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