Green Justice #701: Inmate 4587

by Green Justice

“Inmate 4587” learns how to lay low in prison, while everyone else figure out how to live life without Oliver, but with a new vigilante, on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!

Oliver Queen’s new persona is “Inmate 4587” and right now all he wants to do is lay low and stay out of trouble, so he can get back to his family sooner.

But that’s not easy when you’re in a prison full of people that want to kill you. And the city could really use him, too. The crime rate is up, and newly appointed Captain Dinah Drake doesn’t have the resources to fight it. That’s when a hooded, mystery archer shows up. He seems to be going after the bad people of the city, and Rene is all for it. But when he talks to Dinah, he is surprised to find out that she intends to put a stop to any vigilante that operates outside of the law. Felicity and William are trying to make the best of being in protective custody. But when Diaz finds them, the struggle convinces her that she is finished hiding. Letting Oliver know how she feels, gives him the conviction to do the right thing as well. So he makes it known that he will no longer take the abuse that he’s been turning a blind eye to. But who is the hooded figure? And how are all our heroes going to start fighting back? Jay and Josh try to find the biggest guys and join their gang for protection on the season 7 premiere of Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served…to your MP3 player!

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Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast
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After 5 years in hell, Jay and Josh returned to podcasting with only one goal in mind: to make the #1 podcast dedicated to the discussion of the Arrow TV series. Each week, the two take aim, and bring the best commentary to the citizens of the internet.

With a list dedicated to every person Oliver has revealed his secret identity to, and a pair of earplugs to block out Canary’s sonic scream, Jay and Josh hit the target week after week. They will not fail this city!

Green Justice is part of Josh and Jay’s “Superhero Suite” of podcasts, all featured on RetroZap! If you’ve liked this episode, be sure to check out the duo’s other shows, including Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast, Agents of SHIELD: Case Files, and Terrigen Dreams: An Inhumans Podcast. While each show has its own distinctive flair, you can expect the same spot-on analysis, humor and polished production that this podcasting team has been known for year after year, season after season.

Green Justice #701: Inmate 4587

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