Green Justice #610: Divided

by Green Justice

An Arrow team “Divided” makes it impossible to stop Cayden James and his gang of villains on Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast!

With Team Arrow “Divided”, the heroes may not win the day.

Green Justice #610: Divided


As Cayden James rolls out the next part of his plan by acquiring Bertinelli property, Oliver does his best to track down his foe. Curtis, Rene, and Dinah have decided to work together as their own team and seem to think they can handle this threat. There are some lucky breaks though. Felicity and Curtis may have managed to fix the chip-implant that would help Diggle, and in the process discover that James had them bugged the whole time. With this new information they may have the advantage of surprise. Unfortunately, Oliver is just outmanned. He’s talks to his former teammates, but the trust has been too damaged. Even when they reveal that Dinah’s former beau, and current Vigilante, is working with James, they still won’t budge. And that leaves everyone all over the place, deciding who to fight for, who to fight against, and just exactly why the Bertinelli’s never seem to win. Jay and Josh fight for the last Crogurt on this week’s Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast! Listen in and justice will be served…to your MP3 player!

Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast
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After 5 years in hell, Jay and Josh returned to podcasting with only one goal in mind: to make the #1 podcast dedicated to the discussion of the Arrow TV series. Each week, the two take aim, and bring the best commentary to the citizens of the internet.

With a list dedicated to every person Oliver has revealed his secret identity to, and a pair of earplugs to block out Canary’s sonic scream, Jay and Josh hit the target week after week. They will not fail this city!

Green Justice is part of Josh and Jay’s “Superhero Suite” of podcasts, all featured on RetroZap! If you’ve liked this episode, be sure to check out the duo’s other shows, including Scarlet Velocity: A Flash Podcast, Agents of SHIELD: Case Files, and Terrigen Dreams: An Inhumans Podcast. While each show has its own distinctive flair, you can expect the same spot-on analysis, humor and polished production that this podcasting team has been known for year after year, season after season.

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