FettQuest: The Search for All Things Boba Fett and Mandalorian

by James Volpe

My latest creation in the RetroZap Artist Series is for all those on a FettQuest.

I based this FettQuest piece on the classic Sierra PC Game, SpaceQuest. I don’t remember much from those games except they were a lot of fun. The first thing I thought of when I heard Fett Quest was the logo:

I first heard about the #FettQuest listening to Brews and Blasters. Joe Tavano was on a quest to collect anything and all things Boba Fett, specifically the prototype Boba Fett. I could relate because I too was on this quest.

My own personal FettQuest began when I was very young. Bob Fett has been my favorite part of Star Wars as long I can remember. The instant I saw him I thought he was the most awesome character I had seen in a movie. Even though I only saw him for a brief few moments in Empire Strikes back, you knew this guy meant business. He had awesome guns, sweet armor and to top it all off, a jetpack. No one in the Star Wars universe could compare to this bounty hunter.


After that, Boba Fett became a focus for collecting for me.

I had the Boba Fett Underoos, the figures and the Burger King glass with him on it and even the Halloween costume. I’d bought and lost the figure so many time I lost count but my parents would always buy me a new one. I stopped buying figures for awhile in high school but when Power of the Force II figures came out, the first one I bought was Boba Fett. Then as time went on, Jango Fett came on the screen and I had to have him too. He was a Fett after all. In fact he was the only figure I bought from the Attack of the Clones line. Other than that, I have found a lot of Boba Fett collectibles at yard sales and flea markets to continue my FettQuest.

My crowning achievement was finding the Ralph McQuarrie concept Boba Fett figure. It was stashed away by a collector under the shelf at Walmart. I learned these tricks working at Toys R Us in college. We were trained to clean the displays and I saw collectors stash figures and come back for them later. Since then, I always look for hidden gems when I am on a toy run.

As a fan and collector I have obtained many Fetts and Mandalorians. My FettQuest continues to this day. I will not rest until I have found them all! Now having the money to buy them, that is an entirely different story.

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