Enjoy Stuff: What’s up, Earbuds?

by Enjoy Stuff

Enjoy Stuff: What’s up, Earbuds?

It’s time to get Looney! Shua and Jay kick off the summer by rolling on the floor laughing at the wackiness of years of Looney Tunes cartoons. Plus, News and more!

Overture, Curtain, Lights! This is it, you’ll hit the heights! And oh what heights we’ll hit! It’s time for Looney Tunes and summertime! Let’s look back at all the Looney characters!


  • Is a TRON Arcade1Up machine on the way? Or more specifically, WHEN CAN I GET IT?!?!


  • A ‘Flamin’ hot scandal on the Flamin Hot Cheetos movie. 

Flamin Hot Scandal

  • There can be only 2!! Henry Cavill the new Highlander?


  • Scooby Doo, where are you? Or, where have you been for 52 years? Time for a reunion to find out!

Scooby Doo Reunion

What we’re Enjoying

Jay has been revisiting Night Court while Shua gets his international music fix by watching clips from Eurovision. Was Iceland robbed?!?!

Night Court Eurovision Iceland

Enjoy Toons

For 91 years the crazy characters of Looney Tunes cartoons have given us plenty of reasons to laugh. Legendary artists and directors like Tex Avery and Chuck Jones created iconic stories that raised generations of kids. Plus, the amazing voice talent of Mel Blanc gave personality to hundreds of characters! There are so many ways to enjoy Looney Tunes.

Chuck Jones Looney Tunes Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny and Gossamer

Enjoy Merchandise

There is an almost never ending list of merchandise with those lovable characters on them. Clothes, toys, books, video games, and so much more. We find the most expensive and discuss some that made a difference for us.

Bugs Bunny Statue Looney Tunes Ron Lee Looney Tunes Jelly Jars

We truly appreciate all you Earbuds who have hopped on board and joined us for our next chapter! Join in the fun by reaching out to us! And make sure to Share and Enjoy with all your friends!

Share and enjoy!

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