Enjoy Stuff: Costume Cavalcade

by Enjoy Stuff

Enjoy Stuff: Costume Cavalcade

Halloween costumes are one of the favorite activities for Halloween, but where did the tradition come from? Jay and Shua look at the history of costumes and look back at some of their favorites. Join us for the Halloween season as we Enjoy Stuff!

Let’s look at the rich and creepy history of Halloween costumes. From the early days when goat heads were trending to this year’s favorite from Squid Game we snap on the rubber band and get prepared to sweat all night on our face. Get dressed up with us and Enjoy Stuff!


  • The Movies That Made Us Season 3 is now showing on Netflix with some great movie choices

Movies that made us

  • William Shatner has successfully completed a brief trip to space, making him the oldest person in space ever!

Shatner in space

  • The Beatles: Get Back premieres on Disney+ on November 25

The Beatles Get Back

  • The TRON Machine has officially been announced and will be available for pre-order Tuesday October 19

TRON Arcade1Up

What we’re Enjoying

Jay really enjoyed the Muppets Haunted Mansion Halloween special on Disney+. It had some great Muppet humor along with some great references to the Disney ride and some fun celebrity appearances. Shua revisited a book he bought in 2010 called Earth (The Book) A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race by Jon Stewart and his crew at the Daily Show. It’s a planet sized parody of life as we know it.

Muppets Haunted Mansion Earth the book

Enjoy Halloween

Halloween costumes have been around for longer than you may realize. Since the days of the Samhain Celtic festival people have been pretending to be something else for reasons ranging from warding off evil spirits to scamming people out of candy. 


As humans continued to pretend to become smarter and wiser, the tradition of costuming also continued. But it evolved into terrifying acts of pranking from young boys and ultimately a commercially successful tradition starting in the 50’s when parents fought back the violence with bribery.  

Halloween Costumes in history Halloween 1930s

Once adults realized they could keep kids from digging up corpses for fun, the costume rage grew exponentially. Each decade brought new costume trends. Clowns turned into pop culture icons and spooky legends like witches, vampires, and Hulk Hogan continued to be timeless favorites.  

Halloween 1950s Halloween 1970s Halloween 1980s

Jay and Shua reminisce about some of their most memorable costumes from the past. Werewolves, buccaneers, and Star Wars of course left a lasting memory on the guys. 

Shua bucaneer Shua Skeleton Shua R2 avatar Shua Darth Maul Halloween 1 Shua Back to the Future Jay's Halloween masterpieces 1978-Halloween Jay Werewolf

What is the wildest costume you’ve come up with? Which one made the biggest impression? What’s a costume you’ve seen that you’d love to be able to try? Talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to podcast@enjoystuff.com

We truly appreciate all you Earbuds who have hopped on board and joined us for our next chapter! Join in the fun by reaching out to us! And make sure to Share and Enjoy with all your friends!

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