Enjoy Stuff: Board Not Boring Games

by Enjoy Stuff

Enjoy Stuff: Board Not Boring Games

Board games were the entertainment of choice growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. We look back at some of the memorable classics and how they came to be. Plus, news and fun as we Enjoy Stuff!

Break out the dice and lay out the game board, because we are looking back at some of the classics in games. Jay and Shua remember some of their favorites from childhood and share a few modern ones too.


  • Fan favorite LeVar Burton begins his short run as host of Jeopardy in July

Levar Burton Jeopardy

  • Now you can get vintage game magazines sent to your door

Vintage Game Magazines

  • The Robotech collector’s edition is here!

Robotech set

  • Is Kellogg’s bringing the classic Toucan Sam back to us?

toucan sam

What we’re Enjoying

Jay is doing a little research for a character that will be showing up in the MCU pretty soon; Kang the Conqueror. He’s reading some classic comics where he appeared. . Shua has been enjoying a new book by ‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir. It’s called Project Hail Mary and lays out how one man does whatever he can to save humanity before the sun is literally eaten up. Check it out!

Kang Project Hail Mary

Enjoy Toys

Growing up, did you enjoy time with Rich Uncle Pennybags? Or maybe you liked setting up the Rube Goldbergian Mouse Trap game. Perhaps you went for world domination as you strategically set up Risk. We love board games. Jay and Shua look at a brief history of some of their favorites and how you can enjoy them today. 

Risk Pictionary Scattergories trivial pursuit Husker Du Clue Parcheesi Game of Life Encore Munich Decathlon Settlers of Catan Monopoly

Plus, they share some of the Earbud’s favorites too. 

We truly appreciate all you Earbuds who have hopped on board and joined us for our next chapter! Join in the fun by reaching out to us! And make sure to Share and Enjoy with all your friends!

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