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Do you watch movies? Do you listen to podcasts? You’ve come to the right place!

This is a podcast by movie fans for movie fans of all kinds. Veteran podcasters Michael Nipp and Dave Dollar, along with a rotating cast of guests, like Dr. Earl, Pinky, and more, discuss all sorts of movies—new and old, fantastic to craptastic, in theaters and streaming, and everything in between. Don’t expect pretentious opinions or stuffy retrospectives—this is a place to have fun and share passionate opinions about what is great, good, and maybe not-so-great about movies. Expect themed episodes, feature lists, favorite movies, and also single-film focuses. Play along with movie-themed games like “Denzel” or “The Ryan Philippe Game,” then participate in voting in the annual Deucie Awards. Of course, don’t hold back, either. Yell at us when someone defends a Damon Wayans movie as “a nearly perfect film,” or disagrees with what constitutes as an action film. If you love movies, and you like to have fun, then you’ll love this show!

We love to interact with our listeners so please subscribe to the podcast and send us email, tweets, and comments as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for joining us at the movies!




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