The Deucecast Movie Show #292: Mikey & Dave’s Islands in the Streaming

by Deucecast Movie Show

This week, the guys dive into streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crackle and more and find the best movies out there that you may have missed.

It’s a four finger show (no Pinky) as Mike and Dave hold the ship down this week. Pinky had senior portraits, but he’ll be back next week, we promise.

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The Deucecast Movie Show #292: Mikey & Dave’s Islands in the Streaming

Also, a quick discussion on Disney’s new streaming service coming in a year or two… a quick recap of Costner Sports films…  the Keatonaissance…  the career of F. Gary Grey… Willem Dafoe’s CIA character… Soderbergh’s comeback part 1… Star Wars Hype vs Infinity War Hype… Porg fears…

Movies discussed include:

Always… Tango & Cash… Tin Cup… Quiz Show… Changing Lanes… Liberal Arts… Gung Ho… The Resurrection of Jake the Snake… Mars Attacks… Breakdown… The Italian Job… Clear & Present Danger… The Hunt for Red October… Harsh Times… The Mod Squad… Raid Redemption… Krull… Young Guns… Traffic… Radio Flyer… The Matrix Trilogy… Sea of Love… Sydney White… The Addams Family… Hiro Dreams of Sushi… Dear Zachary… Lord of War… Dead Calm

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The Deucecast is podcast done by movie fans for movie fans of all kinds. Hosts Mikey, Pinky, and Dave, along with a rotating cast of fun guests, discuss all sorts of movies–from new to old, fantastic to craptastic and everything in between, too.  Expect themed episodes, feature lists, favorite movies, and also single-film focuses. Play with movie games like “Denzel” or “The Ryan Philippe Game,” then participate in voting in the annual Deucie Awards and yell at us when someone defends a Damon Wayans movie as “nearly the perfect film.” If you love movies, then you’ll love The Deucecast Movie Show!

We announce on Twitter when we record, so you can listen live on Mixlr. Tune in there and chat with us, and also subscribe to the podcast and send us an email, tweets, and comments as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!

The Deucecast Movie Show #292: Mikey & Dave’s Islands in the Streaming

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