Descent – Star Wars Resistance S01E19

by Eric Onkenhout

Tam learns the hard truth about her friends on the Colossus, while Kaz desperately attempts to send the Resistance a plea for help in “Descent.”

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance S1E19, “Descent.”

Star Wars Resistance “Descent,” directed by Bosco Ng, and written by Paul Giacoppo rose to new heights. What’s different about this episode is the sense of gravitas in the opening scene. There are no serene ocean views or glistening sunlit waves splashing against the Colossus. Commander Pyre and a squad of stormtroopers have arrested Kaz and his friends Yeager and Neeku. Time is running out, and options are few and far between. From the start “Descent” lives up to its name—tensions are high, and the moral of the small band of resistance fighters is at an all-time low. Fortunately, there’s a droid to the rescue. Of course, there is! It’s Star Wars!.

Bucket, Yeager’s trusty sidekick, pulls an R2 and blows steam over the group of stormtroopers and havoc ensues. The First Order stormtroopers revert to shooting like their imperial predecessors, missing every shot made available. This is understandable, it’s a kids show, and it has to serve the story. It’s also interesting to note that the stormtroopers blasters are no longer set for stun. They are shooting to kill. A shootout breaks out which has Star Wars written all over it. It’s reminiscent of the shoot out scene at Docking Bay 94 on Tatooine, or any number of similar settings.

It is Useless to Resist

In the future, Star Wars Resistance could be thought of as the show that redefined Star Wars storytelling. It tells a very different story about characters on the perimeter of the galaxy’s main event (the sequel trilogy). However, intertwines those events within its DNA, in doses that allow the new characters to develop on their own. As Star Wars Resistance deals with more saga-related situations, interest in the show also rises. One notable dilemma that is getting attention is the difference between what’s right and what was thought to be right.

Star Wars Resistance "Descent"

Tam Ryvora is struggling to face this reality. For as long as she knew the Empire, evil or not kept control and gave her grandfather a job. In her opinion, the First Order is trying to accomplish similar goals. This is what seasoned writing looks like. Tam is experiencing character growth, but instead of flipping sides completely, she’s hit with the decision of her life, “This isn’t right. This is just a misunderstanding.” The expression on Tam’s face concedes her confusion. It’s not easy for someone to believe in something for so long, only to discover the opposite is true.

“Descent” introduced a new character, Agent Tierney of the First Order Security Bureau voiced by Sumalee Montano. Agent Tierney brings to mind another beloved female imperial/First Order officer, Admiral Rae Sloane. She is cool, calm, intelligent, and wants nothing more than to do her job to the best to her ability. At first impression, Agent Tierney is the exact opposite of every First Order officer. She speaks to Tam in a kind manner, hoping to bring her guard down. After admitting that she had no direct relations with Poe Dameron, Tam offers that Poe is a friend of Yeager and Kaz. She is ostensibly revealing that Yeager and Kaz could be with the Resistance.

A Colossal Problem

Even as Tierney escorts Tam to the tavern, asking the droid to get Tam a drink, Tierney says, “This is not what you expected is it?” Speaking not only to Tam but to the audience. Tierney goes on, “I’m not a monster. Our goal is galactic peace through absolute order. Nothing more.” Nothing more? Absolute anything is a lot to ask of any civilization. The tone of Tierney’s voice, though still pleasant, shows an edge. “What do you know of Kazuda Xiono?” Tierney is about to reveal the truth of who Kaz is to Tam. The impression is the First Order knows Tam can be a hot-head, so they bring in Tierney to cool her down before they drop the bomb. Tierney is attempting to win Tam’s trust by showing her Kaz has been lying to her the whole time.

Star Wars Resistance "Descent"

About halfway through the episode, Kaz comes up with an idea to flood the Colossus, sink it up until Doza’s tower to send a message to the New Republic. An extreme idea to say the least. Severe enough to wonder which one of the creative team thought of it. Was it a reference to a movie? Tierney is smart enough to recognize the ruse immediately, “I find the timing of this accident suspicious.” This is what separates the Tierney’s from the Ozzel’s in the Star Wars galaxy.

Kaz, for all his Barney Fife-ness, is one brave pilot. He’s dedicated and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish the mission without hesitation. Shutting down the antenna array, Kaz records a message for CB-23 to send to General Organa. Christopher Sean’s chemistry with Scott Lawrence is already one of the highest points of the series. An outstanding job on the part Lucasfilm, casting a soap opera star to do the voice work on an animated television series. CB-23 sends the message despite Yeager getting captured and Kaz escaping. The message, however, is intercepted by Kragan’s pirate gang.

After Kaz swims back to the underwater part of the Colossus, General Organa makes an appearance in hologram form. Leia denies any assistance due to thinning resources. The children Kel and Eila express their fear of being on their own. However, Kaz shoots this doubt down, “No we have each other, we are the Resistance now. All of us.” A sentiment that is heard at the end of The Last Jedi spoken by General Organa, “We have everything we need.”


Star Wars Resistance “Descent” was another heart-stopping episode. There are only two more episodes left to this season, a two-part-er called “No Escape.” Kaz vows to take back the Colossus, but the First Order has Starkiller base primed and ready aimed at Hosnian Prime—the capital of the New Republic and home planet of Kazuda Xiono, pilot.

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