Crimson Dawn: A Tribute to Old Man Maul

by James Volpe

James Volpe gives his impressions of Solo: A Star Wars Story and what he would like to see in Solo sequels.

Despite all the negative reviews and impressions, I really enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story. In my previous RetroZap Artist Series, I discussed what I had hoped to see in the movie and well there was no Boba Fett and no Cad Bane but there were a lot of cool new characters introduced. The big reveal at the end of it all was Qi’ra was working for non other than Darth Maul. Old man Maul is still in control of the underworld it seems and I believe this will tie into the next movie for Solo.

Darth Maul, Crimson Dawn and the Big Shot Gangster

I think this will work with either a Boba Fett or Kenobi movie as Solo and Chewbacca are headed to Tatooine so they could run into Boba Fett and even have dealings Maul. Perhaps Obi Wan and Maul meet up and clash at some point again to get him to even more embroiled as see him in Star Wars Rebels to seek his revenge. My theory is Maul is the “big shot gangster” Beckett was talking about who was looking for someone to do a job not Jabba the Hutt as the audience is led to believe. 

They will be no match for you…

So thinking about Maul I decided to do a sketch of him based on his Clone Wars appearance because he is simply one of the coolest villains in the Star Wars universe and I want to see more of him. I wanted to capture the menacing figure he is and had a fun time drawing him since I rarely sit down with paper and pencil to draw.  Darth Maul Sketch

I started with a pencil drawing and then decided he needed to be colored in for a more dramatic effect. So I scanned him in and added color in Photoshop to brush up on my skills.

Darth Maul

One thing is for sure, this is not the last time Maul will be seen in Star Wars. He will definitely be back for more in the next installments of the Solo: A Star Wars Story sequels.

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