Zuvio Has a Posse. The Search for the Constable Continues…

by James Volpe

I am still wondering, who is Constable Zuvio and have you seen him? I am on a mission to find out.

Why was Constable Zuvio absent from the Force Awakens? What happened to the footage of him and his law keepers on Jakku? The back story on the package of the toys captured the imagination and the figures look really cool. Where is he now and how can he be found? Other than the elusive Luke Skywalker, Zuvio was next on my list.

Zuvio Stickers

Zuvio Has a Posse


Zuvio Has a Posse

My research led me to an issue of Entertainment Weekly and apparently, Constable Zuvio has a posse. After reading this I was instantly transported back in time to my skateboarding days in the 80s and all the awesome tagging stickers I saw around town.  I then came up with a design based on the classic The Andre the Giant Has a Posse/OBEY sticker changing it to Zuvio instead.

zuvio has a posse Constable Zuvio

Have You Seen Him?

Then, I remembered my brother’s room plastered with skate stickers and posters all over his bedroom walls along with a page from Thrasher Magazine – Bones Brigade: Search for Animal Chin. The movie is about Tony Hawk and his crew in search of the legendary skater, Animal Chin. I thought it would be cool to make a sticker based on the Animal Chin poster where Zuvio is the legendary character all the fans were on a search to find. Since he wasn’t in the Force Awakens for more than a few frames he is very difficult to find. Once you spot him it, consider yourself lucky!


Maybe these stickers were on Jakku?

It seems in my search for Constable Zuvio, I found his spirit. He lives on in all of us. Please post these stickers on social media to show you are a member of Zuvio’s Posse.  Maybe this will become bigger than Ki Adi Monday? We shall see.

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